For over 40 years, Coastal Mechanics has worked with Defense Agencies of the world’s leading militaries to manufacture and supply difficult to find, obsolete and discontinued parts crucial to maintaining legacy platform performance. Our work over the years has saved ministries of defense millions of dollars and countless man-hours in assuring operational availability of critical capabilities. Our streamlined end-to-end system has enabled us to build one of the fastest order-to-implementation track records in the industry while maintaining our commitment to making sure critical replacement parts and components are provided in a timely manner. We are proud of our contribution to efficiency in defense supply chain management and reducing overall life-cycle cost for our customers.


Through an efficient method of lean and build-to-print contract manufacturing, as well as stocking inventory of key discontinued components for legacy weapon systems, we enable customers from all over the world to save money, increase options and capabilities, increase budget flexibility, and spend rapidly diminishing resources responsibly. Our track record of successfully executing a wide range of complex and sophisticated assignments while completing the job quickly allows the most sophisticated military customers to streamline their budgets without sacrificing national security.

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Internationally, Coastal Mechanics works with over 25 end-users directly and more than 50 customers through the US Government. This includes customers in the Middle East and Far East, Europe and Latin America, and our exports are through both Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) methods. Domestically, we regularly participate in various US Air Force logistics support programs, and assist various Army and Navy maintenance programs. Coastal Mechanics is certified to the widest range of DoD, DoS and ANAB quality control regulations, and is fully ITAR-compliant.

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& Services

We pride ourselves in attacking any task necessary to get the job done for our military clients. We can repair and return components and assemblies, conduct key maintenance on legacy aircraft and weapons systems, or even do entire turn-key upgrades to bring them up to modern standards. Additionally, building on our wide array of sub-contractors, in-depth platform expertise and extensive technical library, our tools and capabilities allow us to complete any project successfully and on-time.

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