Capabilities & Services

Over 40 years, Coastal Mechanics has developed the flexibility, expertise, and network to get the job done for defense customers around the globe. We have worked for more than 50 end-users – including the U.S. Department of Defense, and some of the most sophisticated NATO and Pacific Rim militaries– and have one of the fastest requirement-to-execution track records in the industry.

Our services include:

  • Management of Lean, Requirement-Driven Manufacturing for Legacy Systems
  • Management of Efficient Legacy Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) Services
  • Full Turn-Key Procurement Support Services for Legacy Systems and Upgrade and Modification Services
  • Long-Term Procurement Consulting and Supply Chain Management
  • Commercial Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Contracts and Legacy Support
  • Manufacturing for Legacy Systems
  • MRO Repair & Return Services
  • Procurement & Upgrade Support Services for Legacy Systems
  • Procurement Consulting & Supply Chain Management
  • Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Contracts & Legacy Support


When a defense agency – be it the U.S. Department of Defense or one of the more than a dozen defense ministries we have worked for around the globe – needs to keep a legacy system operational, it calls on Coastal Mechanics to manage the manufacture and delivery of key replacement parts. Learn more about our core capability on our Efficiency page.

We inspect and certify all parts to manufacturing standards of quality control, and source components to OEM-approved and AS5553 counterfeit-compliant sources.


At Coastal Mechanics, we can take on the management of critical repair work that most OEM’s discontinued. We specialize in the difficult repair and overhaul jobs characterized by obsolescence, outdated technology, and vendor shortages. We have developed a portfolio of repair capabilities for systems without a standard FMS repair procedure. Our technical expertise wide library of DMWRs, individual data and Technical Orders, and indigenous manufacturing capabilities to machine small-batch obsolete components allow us to complete any overhaul.

We guarantee that our end-users – from ministries of defense to private companies – have access to repair status details every step of the way.


As most components for legacy systems are not readily available in the market, we utilize our knowledge and relationships to problem-solve various issues for customers. As a flexible, private company, we are well-equipped to provide a competitive component part cost-analysis and pass the savings on to our clients. Additionally, we are able to upgrade and modify legacy components to the latest revision, allowing full compatibility to interface with modern systems.

Our efficient access inventory strategies allow end-users the some of the fastest delivery records in the industry – particularly useful in emergency situations such as crucial Aircraft-On- Ground (AOG) moments. We maintain personalized 24/7 access to every long-term customer we work with, ready to meet any challenge in the middle of the night, weekends and holidays.


Coastal Mechanics works with defense ministries, air forces, and private clients to address long- term shortages and obstacles before they ever become a problem. Our intimate knowledge of the OEM model internal composition, historical changes, system integration and developments in the American aerospace and defense industries allows us to troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently.

Our expertise in the global supply chain enables us to advise clients on issues as fundamental as fleet procurement, both factory-new and second-hand. Our understanding of the spare parts market, ease of support, obsolescence incident rates, program goals and specific military/ security needs allows us to identify which procurements are the best fit.


Coastal Mechanics supports militaries around the world, both through legacy support programs designed to help multiple militaries take advantage of economies of scale and through country- specific programs tailored to narrow requirements and objectives. We help foreign militaries locate parts and implement repair quickly and efficiently – even on products lines that OEMs discontinued years ago.